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Hello, my name is Jack Glisson and welcome to my website


I have been interested in Nature and Photography since childhood. A graduate from Murray State University, I hold a Bachelor's Degree in the field of Natural Science. Every attempt is made to properly identify all photographic specimens to their proper Latin Nomenclature.


I especially enjoy photographing reptiles and amphibians and doing macro work. As you can see, swamps and wetlands are some of my favorite places. Hope you enjoy the selection!


Although photography is a passion to me, EMS pays the bills. I have been an EMT for over 40 years and am currently employed full time as a Paramedic. I guess if one HAS to work then it needs to be something you enjoy, I have done this since 1977 and do not regret my choice. I actually enjoy going to work!

UPDATE: After 42 total years in EMS, August 1, 2019 was my official retirement date! Perhaps this will allow us to dedicate more time to our photography endevors!