Photoshop CS-5 how to add a Copyright Symbol.

Open Image.

Select text tool (T).

Type (alt 0169) copyright symbol, then type any other text such as your name or business.

Select (highlight) text.

Center text if desired to line up multiple lines of text then click on Tt tool on Options bar at top of screen and drag to the right to size up or left to size down the text.

Select Move tool Upper portion of tool bar) and position text.

Make sure text is colored white.

In layers pallet make sure text layer is selected.

Click effects tab (Fx) at bottom of layers pallet.

Select “Bevel and Emboss” set depth at about 500 and size at about 50 and click OK.

With txt layer still selected change blending mode from normal to “multiply” click OK

Can then adjust opacity of that layer for desired effect.