Photoshop CS-5 Non Destructive Dodge and Burn

Open Image.

Hold down Alt key and click “Create a New Layer Icon” at bottom of layers pallet.

Name this layer.

Change “Mode” to Overlay.

Check box for “Fill with Overlay – neutral color (50% gray)”.

Click “OK”.

Select the Brush tool and adjust the brush size (can use the bracket keys).

Will need a soft edge brush, this can be set by clicking the drop down menu in the options bar at the top of the screen and adjusting the slider, or by holding down the shift key and using the bracket keys [ to soften, or  ] to harden edges

Adjust opacity on options bar at top of screen to 10 to 20 percent.

Set the foreground color to white to lighten or black to darken.

Paint over the areas that need adjusting – can do this multiple times for desired effect.

To undo changes made to portions of the image without deleting the entire layer click on the foreground color swatch to bring up the color picker, change the R, G, B values to 128 and click OK.

Paint over areas to undo changes (may want to change opacity 100%).

Don’t forget to click the B/W box near the foreground color swatch to change color picker back to B&W.